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    We know this business model works because this is exactly how we got started. In those early days we tried many different approaches. Some worked, some didn't. With that valuable experience behind us, we're able to offer a business model that you can implement in your hometown with best practices already in place.


    You already know your market. We'll help you build a franchise around it.

    We'll get you started with one-on-one mentorship from experts in online food ordering & food delivery. Then, we'll help you execute a complete online food ordering & delivery business by providing a holistic franchise system, including training, support, software and technology. The opportunity is huge and the potential to succeed is real.

  • WEUNGRY Franchisees & Licensees Overview

    Digital Online Ordering Services & Systems

    WEUNGRY is Powering the Global On-Demand Food Economy. Position Yourself To Thrive In The New On-Demand Economy.

    WEUNGRY is a Global E-Commerce Platform That Offers Complete Digital Food Ordering Solutions, Restaurant Delivery Service, and Food Ordering Marketplaces Worldwide. WEUNGRY is currently in 21+ Countries & Our Digital Ordering Platform supports 23 Languages. All WEUNGRY franchises & Licensees are locally owned and operated. WEUNGRY Operates in Many Markets & Under Different Brand Names Worldwide.



    When it comes to being a successful franchisee, you either have “it” or you don't. We're looking for bold & driven people eager to bring WEUNGRY to their hometown.


    To us, the “it” factor looks something like this:

    • Quick thinker with a flexible attitude.
    • Self-starter
    • Networked
    • Charismatic: patient & charming
    • Mobile-savvy (ACTUALLY USE YOUR DATA PLAN)
    • Looking for a full-time opportunity
    • Computer-savvy (KNOWS WHAT A HASHTAG IS)
    • Value-driven with discretionary income

    As a Franchisee, you will be the face of WEUNGRY for your territory. Your job will be to establish and quickly grow the WEUNGRY businesses and dominate your local market. In order to do this, you will strive to bring the best local and regional restaurants on to WEUNGRY's platform via outside sales. You will establish, improve, and maintain all facets of market performance including sales, marketing, customer relations, and others.



    Who does what:


    What you do

    • Sign up restaurants within your franchise territory
    • Establish & maintain the restaurant relationships within your territory
    • Execute basic promotions within your territory
    • Enjoy worry-free maintenance
    • Jump up and down as the money comes in

    What we do

    • Build & manage interactive menus with around-the-clock technology support
    • Provide around-the-clock call center support
    • Support you with marketing and sales training best practices
    • Constantly update and manage technology
    • Offer accounting, distribution of revenue and analytics for stakeholders


    Here's why it works:


    Basically, there are tons of people out there who order takeout and delivery every day.


    And the reality is, ordering online is fast becoming the method most people prefer. Think about the other industries that have moved online in the past 10 years. From airline tickets to sporting events to restaurant reservations, online sales have gone from 0% to almost 100%.


    But there isn't an online service available that's tailored to your niche market.


    As a franchisee, you're powering WEUNGRY in your hometown. By building relationships with your community restaurants, you can be a leader in this fast-growing industry.



    I think [ordering] online will eventually surpass picking up the phone.”




    WEUNGRY Market Owners Overview:


    WEUNGRY's vision is to be the most complete food delivery marketplace for hometowns nationwide. We are on a mission to make it easier for consumers to find the best delivery and takeout restaurants.


    We're excited to share with you why we believe starting your own business is the best investment of your time, energy, and financial resources-and why franchising is ultimately the best way for many individuals looking to become a business owner. When you own a Digital Franchise, you invest in technology instead of a typical brick and mortar restaurant. Not only do brick and franchises typically require a significant larger capital investment, they require owners to maintain a physical location, employees, and inventory.


    Take a few moments to learn more about the restaurant industry, and why food ordering is increasingly moving online, because consumers are looking for the best restaurants in their community and the convenience of ordering online.


    Ultimately, the market owners we select in hometowns across the country partner with us in building the WEUNGRY brand on a local, neighborhood level. Those local relationships are ultimately our greatest competitive advantage in this online food ordering space, because companies who focus on corporate employees rather than local owners have a difficult time understanding what is going on in your community.


    WEUNGRY provides the cutting edge technology, accounting and back-end support so you can be out in the market. WEUNGRY empowers passionate, locally knowledgeable entrepreneurs with the tools needed to deliver customized restaurant discovery and ordering experiences to cities, towns, or college campuses.


    WEUNGRY is a distinctly compelling opportunity because as a WEUNGRY market owner, you can:

    • Control your own destiny
    • Say goodbye to office and retail rent
    • Earn revenue without accruing accounts receivable
    • Eventually, manage your business from anywhere.


    Our technology makes our franchises more efficient, with less human resources. With WEUNGRY, you'll enjoy the thrill of planning and executing local market campaigns and building long-term sales relationships, leaving tech and product development to us.


    WEUNGRY is targeting the restaurant industry on a local level. To find restaurants and customers, WEUNGRY empowers local entrepreneurs through our franchise model instead of hiring corporate employees. It's a win-win-win: our franchise market owners grow their own businesses, our restaurant clients get more orders, and WEUNGRY grows.


    We're dedicated to helping our market owners achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses. Our technology and support lets our market owners reap the benefits of entrepreneurship with the support and system of a national brand.


    The Business Model:

    Here's how a WEUNGRY Franchise Works:

    1. Sign up restaurants in your local area
    2. Their menu goes online in your franchise territory
    3. A hungry customer goes online and places an order
    4. The restaurant receives the order and delivers the food or prepares it for pick-up
    5. You earn money on every order


    How Important Is Online Food Ordering In the Restaurant Industry?

    • 52% of Adults would be likely to place an order online through a website at limited-service restaurants. This increases to a whopping 74% of adults ages 18-34.
    • 57% of fast-casual restaurants will devote more resources to customer-facing technology.
    • "I think (Ordering) online will eventually surpass picking up the phone." Philip Desorbo Jr. from Subway.
    • People book flights, reserve tables at restaurants, and purchase tickets for concerts and sporting events online. Online sales for all of these industries have boomed in the last several years. Online ordering is the future of the restaurant industry-now is your chance to get involved as the industry takes off. As Bill Gurley from Benchmark Capital said, online food ordering "is starting to move, and we see no reason why it won't follow the same pattern" as other industries.


    What Makes WEUNGRY Different?

    WEUNGRY is different from our competitors because we combine the advantages of a national business with the advantages of a local, small business.


    Here's what that means.


    National Businesses have the advantage of:

    • Resources to create and maintain better technology
    • Economies of scale
    • Corporate support
    • Large Marketing Campaigns

    Local Businesses have the advantage of:

    • Owners who are passionate about growing the business-because business growth is directly tied to their personal well-being
    • The ability to move fast
    • No need to get a "yes" from layers and layers of bureaucrats before launching a neighborhood marketing campaign
    • Knowledge of and connections with the hottest restaurants in town


    WEUNGRY franchise model provides both types of advantages. We've got the resources of a national business, and the relationships and connections of a local business. As our large, national competitors grow, they're building even bulkier corporate infrastructures. In contrast, WEUNGRY continues to build fast-moving teams across the United States.


    WEUNGRY headquarters provides the technology platform, call center, and ordering processing expertise. Local WEUNGRY market owners build relationships with restaurant owners and drive users to the WEUNGRY site with neighborhood marketing efforts.


    This proven partnership outperforms any national competitor on a local level because most local restaurant owners want to know who they are working with. As a local market owner, you are an ambassador for the WEUNGRY brand in your hometown. You will help drive business for our restaurant owners via aggressive neighborhood marketing, which national companies just can't do at the same level.


    Do you have what it takes?

    You, as the WEUNGRY market owner, are in charge of marketing and sales in your local market. We handle the technology and training, but you must be willing to execute on our proven marketing techniques day in and day out. With WEUNGRY, you'll have a technology solution that no local business can offer. But you'll still have to execute.


    We've found that most successful market owners are:

    • Entrepreneurial but willing to follow a proven system
    • Confident & Persistent
    • Determined Self-Starters
    • Able to handle multiple tasks
    • Naturals at networking
    • Outgoing
    • Organized
    • Capable of managing cash flow and budgets


    In any business, you must be determined, willing to work hard and multitask. Plan your work, work your plan.


    Here are the typical activities you can plan to be doing daily:

    • Research market conditions in your community. Develop your business plan . Execute.
    • Build relationships with your customers and key influences in the community.
    • Apply yourself to our marketing and sales training-your business success depends on it.
    • Create sales projections and milestones for market penetration. Know the product's features, advantages, and benefits.
    • Identify potential restaurant customers in your target market and give sales presentations daily.
    • Go to community events and network. Create awareness, awareness, awareness in order to drive orders.
    • Track and monitor progress. Fix what's not working. Try again, and again, and again. Update your business plan.
    • Use guerrilla and neighborhood marketing tactics like leaving door hangers.


    As a market owner, you'll help local restaurants find unique ways to get consumers to order more. You'll bring new technology and guerrilla marketing ideas that can change the way your restaurant clients do business. Once you get rolling, you'll see viral growth that drives momentum, but at the beginning, you must work hard to reach the tipping point.


    Your primary objective is to get traction and momentum immediately. Over the course of a few years, you will build your business to maturity. At that point, your brand will gain more awareness and loyalty that is not based entirely on your own effort.


    How we use neighborhood marketing:

    Neighborhood marketing is feet-on-the-street approach to getting more customers in a target area. Our market owners use creative neighborhood marketing campaigns to drive customers to their online food ordering sites. Hanging out fliers, coupons, t-shirts, posting on Facebook, emails, door hangers, passing out cards with deals on them weekly to students on campus, to secretaries in downtown offices, and nurses in hospitals. Distribute door hangers in residential areas, making relationships within the community, networking and being on the ground doing as much direct marketing as you can.


    How we help our restaurant customers:

    Most restaurants in a local community are mom and pops or locally owned franchises and the market is intensely fragmented. Local restaurant owners have faced a difficult economic period and often struggle against fierce competition. Yet many restaurant owners aren't equipped to handle these challenges. Restaurant owners often lack technology expertise, making the rise in social media marketing out of reach to help them keep existing customers, let alone acquire new customers. Some restaurants do not even have a website. Owners may want to make improvements in their technology and marketing, but they get caught up in the day to day challenges of running their business.


    Because our WEUNGRY market owners are local, they know how to reach these restaurant owners. WEUNGRY offers restaurants an entirely new sales channel, which gives restaurants revenue streams they are typically unable to create on their own. Our market owners give local restaurants more marketing manpower. Everyone we send to our site via neighborhood marketing efforts is a potential customer for a local restaurant. And even better. these new customers don't take up limited dining space, or even require someone to answer the phone.


    Training & Support:

    Effective Operations Training (EOT), this initial training is comprised of upfront research and tutorials remotely, followed by in-person training at WEUNGRY HQ. Afterwards, you will shadow an existing market owner in his or her market, to gain experience in an apprenticeship setting. Throughout your training, you'll learn about the tools we provide for email marketing, customer relationship management, and digital marketing.



    Before you begin, we will already have mapped out your territory and identified some target restaurants within those zip codes. During pre-training, you'll be conducting more detailed market research on all the takeout and delivery restaurants in your exclusive territory. Plus, you'll be learning more about the technology behind WEUNGRY, including our reporting and accounting features.


    HQ On Site Training

    We focus your time on learning sales and marketing best practices, and getting to know the technology and call center teams. We also spend a lot of time training you on how to present WEUNGRY to the restaurant owners in your market. In addition to in-classroom education, we provide on-site training, where you'll be shadowing our sales and marketing team members doing what they do best. By combining the practical and tactical, you'll learn even faster.


    Ready To Roll

    Once you've completed your onsite training, you'll be paired with a mentor and shadow him or her in-market. This allows you to take the classroom learning and apply it to an existing market. Afterwards, you'll head back to your hometown ready and prepared to present the WEUNGRY online food ordering technology to the restaurant owners in your territory.


    Continuing Education

    Throughout your time with WEUNGRY our training and support team will work with you step by step to assist you in reaching your goals and attaining the milestones you've laid out in our WEUNGRY budget and action plan. We're always here to help you, and so are market owners across the country.


    What are the minimum requirements for my time?

    Ideally, your WEUNGRY franchise should be a full time job. Generally, unless you have the capital to hire someone to manage your market, building your franchise will require a lot of hard work. Once you are established, the demands on your time will ease.


    Who are our customer segments?

    There are 3 primary customer segments we target when we're marketing to drive users:


    1.College Students:

    We have proven user acquisition strategies on and around college campuses. We find that this represents an 'early adopter' segment where market owners can quickly build the WEUNGRY brand in a given territory.


    2.Corporate Employees:

    Downtown areas and office parks also are one of our target customer segments. Many corporate employees do not want to leave the office to grab lunch, and enjoy the convenience of ordering online to have something delivered.


    3.Residential Families:

    Our territories also include residential areas, often with middle to upper income areas. For these families, both parents often work. Between soccer practice and the PTA board meeting, it can be easier to order delivery than to dine out or cook. WEUNGRY makes it easy to order at dinnertime, when many restaurant phones are at their busiest.


    Though the above are our main areas of focus, we're also expanding to include travelers at hotels and airports, as well as military bases. Our model makes us very adaptable.


    What does a territory look like?

    WEUNGRY territories range from a population of 25,000-50,000 or 10,000-20,000 households. More importantly, we identify an average of 50-100 total number of restaurants in a given territory. Every WEUNGRY territory is mapped out with clear boundary lines that delineated by zip codes. Before mapping these territories, we identify the population, population density, and total number of restaurants. WEUNGRY market owners earn a flat fee or % of every order in their respective zip codes.


    When our market owners are successful, we are successful.

    We make every effort to help our market owners succeed, focusing on helping our people build not only the most successful businesses they can, but also create fulfilling lives so they are passionate in all they do.


    In order for us to be the best, we are looking to build the WEUNGRY franchise team with other entrepreneurial and passionate leaders. We want people who want to build a business and a life that will make a positive impact in their communities.


    E-Commerce & Online Ordering Facts For Market Owners & Restaurants:

    E-Commerce is growing five times as fast as retail. With rising fuel prices, busier schedules and less free time, more and more people are shopping online.


    Virtually every type of business is looking for ways to use the Internet to cut costs and grow their business, especially food businesses.


    Its no surprise that more companies are shifting their traditional marketing budgets to the Internet. Why? Because they are focused on saving money and increasing orders.


    There is a straightforward way for non-technical people to put their sales and people skills to work and profit from this rapidly growing industry.


    No formal technical background needed

    A formal technical background is not required. As a certified partner, your role is simple. Using our highly in demand online service, you consult local food providers and identify their Internet business needs. We have a quick start program, so you're free to focus your time on growing your business and income while we handle all of the technical aspects for you.


    It is recession resistant (people will cut on vacations, clothing, etc but not on food) and a passive income generating business. You sell once and enjoy the recurring income every month.


    Consider these statistics

    • 77% of Internet users prefer to order online... National Restaurant Association
    • Online orders are an average of 20% higher... National Restaurant Association
    • Fast Casual restaurants can increase their annual revenues from 17% to 25% or more with online ordering... Nations Restaurant News.

    Online orders advantages

    • Online orders are more accurate resulting in less food and time wastage. There is a paper copy of the order to resolve discrepancies.
    • Your staff is more productive because they are not tied up on the phone.
    • There is a reduction of traffic congestion on your phone lines. You can take 4 online orders in the time you take 1 order on your voice line.
    • Customers never get a busy signal.
    • Customers never get put on hold.
    • Customers can order ahead when you are closed.
    • Customers like the convenience of walking in to pick up their food without waiting in line. They order ahead of time and can pay by credit card.
    • If you keep your menu updated, the customer is always looking at your latest offerings and specials.
    • People who do not even know you exist will find your restaurant online.
    • Any Frequent Diner program builds loyalty.
    • Increase in food service for business/group lunches and meetings

    Provide Online Ordering As a Service To Local Businesses Under Our Brand.

    Sign-Up Local Businesses

    The businesses receive orders through the website you easily setup for them.


    They prepare the food for pickup or delivery or ship the product in the case of retail businesses.

    What You Do

    **Sign up restaurants


    **Establish and maintain the restaurant relationship


    **Execute basic promotions within your territory


    **Enjoy worry free maintenance and reoccurring revenue

    What We Do

    **Around the clock technology support


    **Support you with marketing and sales training best practices


    **Support you with ongoing technical training


    **Constantly update and manage technology

  • Program Features

    We Provide You With Everything You And Your Clients Need To Be Successful.

    High Recurring Income Potential

    Average licensees & Franchisees are able to make $10,000/mo of recurring income.


    Although, income potential is dependent on level of effort you are provided an unlimited number of merchant accounts so there is no cap on income potential.

    Low Cost of Operation

    Compared to a brick and mortar business which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started, our franchise only costs a fraction of brick and mortar businesses.

    We Support You

    Everything from help with the platform to ongoing best practices and marketing training our technical and sales support team are here to ensure your business’s success.

    Target Local Restaurants

    Your customers include every restaurant in your area.

    Complete Control

    Control your destiny & area.

    Software as a Service

    With our turnkey platform, we take care of all the details such as uptime, maintenance, security, and support, so you can focus on your business.

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